My Love Affair With David Venable

You don’t know David Venable? Mr. Venable is a host on the shopping TV network QVC. He sells everything from food to clothes on there. He is an amazing human being. I could watch him for hours on the TV. Me watching him on TV is like a young girl watching Laguna Beach and wishing she was one of those slutty girls. I wish I had the perfection and charisma that David has.

My love affair began when I started watching the TV shopping networks sometime ago. I began to see patterns among all the hosts. They were either way fake and over the top or just plain boring. Then I found David! David is fucking amazing on TV. He makes everything he sells seem so tasty or neat to use. I was watching one day and this old lady called in to say how much she loved him and how awesome it was then he sent that autographed photo of himself to her. So I decided to shoot him an email and say the same thing and that I’d love an autographed photo of him. 3 Weeks later I get an autographed photo of David Venable. This made my day , week, month and year!

He’s got perfect hair, skin, finger nails & smile. He’s seems so clean that I would actually eat food out of his hands. That’s saying a lot because I’m a bit of a germ freak. Give that man a piece of cake and I’ll be licking his finger tips clean. David probably gets manicures & washes his hands with Palmolive. Being that perfect must be a lot of work and I give him much praise.

If you have ever watched David Venable on TV you’re probably thinking the same thing as me “Is David Venable gay?” He has the gay lisp and he acts a little fruity. I’m really waiting for him to have a semi breakdown on air and tell us that he is a full blown homosexual. It wouldn’t bother me either way. My love for his on screen character would still be as strong and heartfelt as ever.

If you would like to see what all the fuss is about for the awesome David Venable then tune to QVC. He’ll amaze and enchant you. He must know things we regular people can only dream about. David Venable for President in 2008!




  1. Julianne B said

    WAHO…. it works again… anyway wanna hear something freaky.. I was looking around your sight this morning and I saw the video for your apartment… So I watched it and saw the pictures that you had of David and that other chick on QVC and I snickered when you said that you sent them an email and they sent an autograph.. and then you post this, this afternoon… slightly freaky… hey stop reading my mind.

  2. Gregg O'Connell said

    haha thats too funny. Those shopping TV personalities are my favorite on television!
    they’re so freaking goofy!

  3. Erica Putis said

    You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo gay. When you are 40 after you have kids you will come out. Your obsession with him is a bit freaky and bit more than envy…

  4. Gregg O'Connell said

    i love it when he eats food and crosses his eyes…God he’s a hunk!

  5. gary said

    you stay away from david. hes mine, all mine. its a pity he doesnt know it yet.

  6. Gregg O'Connell said

    gary: i think he’s real love of his life is the QVC merchandise

  7. bankerboy said

    Big GAY I live in Philadelphia and have friends that work for QVC. Unfortunately hes not a very nice guy outside of the studio. extrememly self-centered and loud..

  8. He ugly and fat….He arrogant as all hell…..

  9. Stan d said

    This guy who loves David venable that much is a freak! Our society is disgusting with all the gays and lesbos and transgenders. Get ahold of yourselves people, stop being so flamboyant and …. Lisspy💩💀

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